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We are a centenary funeral home founded by Manuel de Andrade (Alma Grande).


The Alma Grande Funeral Home, Anel member no. 422, is a funeral home located in Funchal that, in times of mourning, is committed to taking care of all your needs by providing a rigorous and considerate service.

We know how difficult these moments are and that is why we offer a wide range of services so you don't need to worry about any details, including the all the necessary documentation.

We have connections with consulates, coroners, high commissariats, air or sea lines and legal authorities.

Our services include a modern mortuary house, well-equipped vehicles and an embalming room.

Call us on our mobile at 962 024 024 at any time to hire our professional services.



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Telefone: 291 226 848

Telemóvel: 962 024 024



Our funeral home's main mission is to dignify funeral services by implementing innovative methods and focusing on the family/company relationship in order to offer a complete support combined with a humane and professional care during the entire process.


Agência Funerária Andrade (Alma Grande)
Funchal - Andrade Funeral Home

Rua 31 Janeiro 42 -
9050-011 FUNCHAL
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291 223 428
962 024 024
291 226 848
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